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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  May 9, 2016 1:45am-2:01am PDT

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>> mayor lee: welcome to the public laggard on not going to ruin the morning by my spanish but i want to at least say, hola, welcome. we are here i merely because of supervisor scott weiner and he's been a
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champion for working families and i want to say, thank you, supervisor for doing this and bring us together. we are here at our san francisco name the library for the good reason that our librarian and all the wonderful friends and people that he serves to our public library process system has said that we need to have libraries that are connected to all of our communities. this is one way that the library is connected. there directed and so many other ways, but one way is really to have a room dedicated to our spanish-speaking families and people who want to make sure that they can learn the languages that are appropriate for here, so they can better themselves. have their kids have places where they can go and emerge into other languages. this is another example. it's an example just
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like our wonderful perk system. of course, our library system, our world-class school systems, where all of them are dedicated with a lot of support from our city hall to make sure their family-friendly, and to make sure for servicing and building stronger families in san francisco. you know, we've always been at the forefront of a lot of great programs and progress for our families and workers because of the legislation like the one that supervisor weiner lead and that his staff helped draft and create. that god done for the benefit of all the people here in our city. we recently passed a similar piece of progressive good legislation like increasing our minimum wage can highest in the nation. we also wanted to make sure that not only did we do that here but that we don't rob the talent
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and competition from other smaller towns so mayor with the shaft and i headed a statewide effort and i'm glad the state listened and governor was there to sign with the legislature another higher minimum wage for all working people in the state of california. we know that we need to do more. with accomplished great things together to ensure that our parents and children, like those in the room here today, can succeed in this very expensive city to make sure that they have the resources and the ability to be successful. so, after i sign this piece of legislation today, we will be the first city in the united states to approve 64 weeks, fully paid leave, for new parents. from others and for our parents and of course for same-sex couples. i want to make sure that our city is ensuring the bond
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before parents and whether biological or adopted, grows strong from the very beginning and sets our children up for success. i want to say thank you again, to the commission on the status of women. emily is here with friends of the commission, as well because they have been lockstep in this legislation in advising the supervisor and making sure we get this right. and because of the value of the bond that i speak about between parent and child, i want to make sure that all growing families understand that we want to make this family leave fully paid policy one that they can really touch. so were going to be adding more resources to the office of labor standards in order for them to fully enforce the paid
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parental leave ordinance as envisioned by this legislation. as of yesterday, i was lucky to announce our new director of the office of labor standards and that patrick mulligan and who will ensure that families get the full benefit of this new law. while we lead as much as we can and help working families and helping families in general, and helping parents, we also want to take the opportunity to take our good friend gov. jerry brown, because he's he has voted to complement this law very similarly. as you may know, we've had a family leave policy in the state and in the city for quite some time but it only paid about 55% and then the rest would have to be done by the families. this legislation closes that gap, and again thankful to supervisor weiner for doing this.. but in
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addition, the governor and the legislature decided they would also increase the state's portion so that in a couple of years the state will be covering about 60% of this family leave and the rest of it to a staggered process will be covered by employers on a staggered basis depending upon the number of employees that they have. these efforts provide the kind of basic security and support that should be available quite frankly, to every family in the united states of america. we start it right here in a very proud that everything that we do here, everybody else watches, and they need a copy, maybe they don't, but if they do, they know it's because we do it for the right reasons. thank you supervisor weiner. thank you to all the community embers, to the parents, not only here but the number of parents who engaged in the
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adoption of this legislation. and also want to say thank you to companies of already stepped forward and say we can do that. we can make sure our employees are covered whenever there's a family leave that necessitated. the companies like by-right, associations of businesses like the bay area council represented by jim workman. they are identified business leaders who put their hands up and say we are going to take care of our work force and support families in the city and in the region. i'm very proud of everybody who's been working on this because again, it helps our city say, yes, we can do things and we can implement them and we can embrace our families. at this moment, i'd like to introduce the author of this legislation and summons leading this conversation with us and i'm sure he's been asked to speak on a number of different national stages and rightfully so. supervisor scott weiner. >>[applause]
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>> supervisor wiener: thank you mr. mayor, mr. mayor, thank you for making a big deal about this signing because this is a very very big deal. the step that we are taking today in san francisco to once again show the way toward not just our state but our country, about what you means to support working families, to truly support working families, what it really means to address income inequality and not just talk about it and so mr. mayor, thank you for doing this. you know, it was an editorial this morning in the new york times that i think beautifully encapsulated why this legislation is important. imagine the legislation but it didn't have to. the editorial talked about how in california we pay 55% of wage replacement
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for parental bonding lead. going up to 60-70% of new york state is starting at present and will escalate from there. but the editorial mentioned what we all know. that, when you are lower income, your working-class family, it's not realistic to take a 50% or 40% or even a 30% pay cut and in this country we are forcing families to choose between bonding with a new child and putting food on the table. no family should ever ever, have to make that choice. we want new parents to spend time bonding with a child. we know and it's not disputable that families that have time to bond
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are healthier families and more successful families. parents are more successful. workers are more productive and children are healthier and have better educational achievement over time. we know this is true so why is it that we as a country are one of just a handful around the world that don't actually put our money where our mouth is and value parental leave and encourage and support families in establishing these strong bonding relationships immediately after birth or adoption. so, what we are doing today is eliminating the need for that choice and telling families, you can spend time forming a healthy strong relationship with your child and you can pay the bills and were going to support you in doing that. this legislation also in line with california's approach, it helps us to start really tearing down some of the gender stereotypes around parenting. that both parents are responsible for clearing a child. it's not just about the mother same staying home with
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the child. the father should to were both fathers were both mothers that everyone has a role to play in that also makes for healthier stronger families with everyone develops a relationship with the child. so, i'm just so excited that we're moving forward today and this is a growing national movement. we know that the president is committed to expanding family leave, better leading democratic candidates for president are committed to it. i think we're moving in a good direction. i want to really just thank a few people and organizations for making this a reality. first and foremost, i want to thank, in my office, my legislative aid ontario power, was actually on his first day parental leave today, but came to celebrate with us. so, welcome back on today's. >>[applause] >> supervisor wiener: this
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legislation was andres's idea. he came up with it when he was researching his own parental leave benefits and what he saw was that as city workers, we get decent, pretty good actually, parental leave benefits but what he saw was that in the private sector, particularly lower paid working-class workers, don't get those same benefits and so he came to me and we decided we were going to move forward and close that gap. so i andres, thank you. i also want to knowledge some of our amazing partners in moving this legislation forward. equal rights advocates, legal aid society, employment law center, opportunity inst., california work and family coalition, banned parenthood, which is spontaneously endorsed the legislation. we didn't even talk about they just went ahead and did it so thank you planned parenthood department on the status woman dr. murawski
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avenue commission the bay area council, for helping us work really through some of the issues with the business community. and by right which was doing this before they were required to do it. so this is a great day and thank you by much everyone. >>[applause] >> mayor lee: the faster i sign this the faster entrées will get reimbursed. >>[laughter] >> mayor lee: there you go. >>[applause]
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[ gavel ] >> good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the regularly scheduled ethics commission meeting for april 25th, 2016. and i will call the roll, commissioner andrews. >> here. >> commissioner keane. >> here. >> commissioner hayon has been excused. and i would like to take this opportunity to introduce and welcome our newest commissioner, daina chiu, who go